Don’t Climb Wet Sandstone in MN

Broken Hold


Hey climbers! A friendly reminder that wet sandstone is easily broken. As the season changes, we experience the thaw of winter and the rain of spring. At the bouldering area in Sandstone, MN known as Eldon, this means wet sandstone is more common than dry sandstone. PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB ON WET SANDSTONE.

If the ground is wet, the rock is wet. Sandstone is porous and holds moisture for days after it rains. It takes at least a couple of days of dry, sunny conditions before the rock is safe to climb again. If it has recently rained north of the Twin Cities, don’t go bouldering in Sandstone.

If you take a chance and go there thinking it will be dry and it is not, go somewhere else; Taylors Falls is not that far away. Or, go for a hike instead; Banning State Park has some beautiful trails along the Kettle River.

Be a conscientious climber and steward of our community and walk away from wet sandstone. Please don’t be the person that breaks another hold on our very limited supply of sandstone boulders.

Thank you to our community members who reminded us that this is a very important topic in the MN climbing scene. Spread the word to your friends at the gym and at the crag. Education is key.