June 1, 2015


For volunteer opportunities, reporting access or bolting issues, or for general questions and comments we want to hear from you. info@mnclimbers.org

Find us online:  @mnclimbersassociation on Facebook and Instagram


Andy Routt | Secretary | Finance & Fundraising, Ice Park, and Membership

Andy started climbing in 2010 and loves traveling to beautiful places to climb. As Secretary, he takes lots of notes and keeps the paper work in order for the MCA. He prefers ice and sport, but wishes he had more time for multi-pitch.

Angela Bowitz | TBD

Helmet clad safety nerd interested in adventure and community. Happy to pet your dog and offer a belay. Catch me on ropes year round – or after for a beer.

Bob Omann | Bolting and Access

Bob started climbing in 2008 when he showed up at Willow psyched on hang-dogging the warm ups. He’s the newest MCA board member and will be working on rebolting efforts as well as access issues.  He tries to push himself in all disciplines of climbing, sport, trad, and bouldering. But a residual snowboard habit seems to get in the way of learning to ice climb.  Family, fishing, hunting, cycling, woodcutting, and other upper-midwestern hobbies take up the rest of his time not spent hanging on a rope or sitting on a crashpad.

Bryan Karban | Finance & Fundraising, Messaging & Outreach, Ice Park, and Membership

Bryan has been climbing since 2002.  He has been involved in the Minnesota climbing community since moving back from Colorado in 2012 when he started teaching, guiding, and helping out with the Sandstone Ice Park.  Currently he is the Climbing Coordinator for the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Outdoor Program. Bryan prides himself in being a bit of an all-arounder as a climber.  He loves climbing rocks, ice, snow, and pebbles from 14 to 14,000 feet high.  When not climbing, Bryan makes kick ass coffee, cooks, and chill doing just about every form of human powered outdoor recreation.

Eric Barnard | Finance & Fundraising, Ice Park, and Access

Coming Soon…

James Loveridge | President | Finance & Fundraising, Messaging & Outreach, Ice Park, Bolting, Access, and Membership

James has been climbing since ’90, and on the MCA board since 2003. He’s heavily involved in the Sandstone Ice Park, Bolting, and general climbing geekery committees. He likes trad rock with trad ice/mixed as a close second; anything scary and engaging. His life outside of climbing includes sailing (not often enough), house remodeling (way too much), and working as a sales rep in the outdoor industry.

Joe Lee | TBD

Since Joe’s first multi-pitch climb in Red Rocks NV in January 2015, he’s been super psyched on multi-pitch trad climbing. His passion for adventure climbing has taken him to many great places.  Some of his favorites include Castle Valley/ Indian Creek (UT), Edlo/ Lumpy/ RMNP (CO), Yosemite (CA), Red Rocks (NV), Index (WA), Gunks (NY), Squamish (BC), Devils Tower (WY), Potrero Chico (Mexico), Halong Bay (Vietnam), Costa Blanca (Spain) and of course The North Shore (MN). When Joe is not rock climbing, he is likely backcountry splitboarding, paddle boarding with his two dogs, biking, sailing, building out adventure vans, or riding his motorcycle.  Joe also dabbles in ice climbing, alpine climbing, and the practice of patent law.

Lynn Larson | Treasurer | Finance & Fundraising and Ice Park

Lynn has been 2 inches too short for the last 12 years. She’s an active and founding board member for the MN Climbing Co-op. She lives for bouldering, but can been seen on a rope on the rare occasion.

Lucas Kramer | Ice Park and Access

Lucas is the newest MCA board member, representing the North Shore region. He’s been hanging on rock for 13 years, and fancies himself a Trad Man. “Carrying and extra 30 lbs of gear really helps to motivate me.” WHA?? Off the rock you can find him plucking on a banjo, cross country skiing or racing in triathlons.

Peter Lenz | Finance & Fundraising, Messaging & Outreach, Ice Park, and Membership

Peter has been climbing since 2007 and joined the Board in 2015. He never climbs as often he would like. But, Peter takes advantage of all the climbing that Minnesota has to offer from rock to ice. He assists the MCA with its internet presence as well as the ice farming effort at the Sandstone Ice Park. He reveres the community, personal challenge, exploration and adventure intrinsic to the endeavor of climbing. When not tied in, Peter loves to immerse himself in Minneapolis’ bike culture, taking on alleycat races, group rides or gravel road 100 milers. He also enjoys making vegan tacos.

Phaydara Vongsavanthong | Finance & Fundraising, Messaging & Outreach, Access, Bolting, and Membership

He’s been climbing since ’96. He’s deep into climbing. When he’s not clinging to the rock he likes to eat, bike, nap, dominate in ping-pong, and make pretty things. Pi is also the regional coordinator for the Access Fund.

Zaynab Alwan | TBD

Zaynab began climbing in 2013 in Northern Minnesota, finding herself at the home crag of Palisade Head. She spends most of her time climbing outdoors, traveling across country in search of new climbing experiences. Because of this, she spends a lot of time living in her Rav4. She enjoys all types of climbing: sport, tr, multiptich, bouldering, and ice climbing.

When not climbing, Zaynab is a licensed psychotherapist, a typical Northern MN outdoor enthusiast, and a crystal/rock collector. Her collection is getting out of hand. She needs to lay off of collecting and stick to climbing rocks.