Through your membership you are supporting the vibrant and diverse community of climbers in our state.  Volunteers do the work on the ground, but it takes financial contributions to expand the scope and ensure the continued efficacy of our organization. The MCA is 100% volunteer powered and carries minimal overhead which allows your money to directly impact Minnesota climbing.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of your business, please see our Corporate Partners page.


Yearly Membership (all get a sticker; single donation. Does not automatically renew)

  • $25 – yearly: Donation only
  • $50 – yearly: Member t-shirt
  • $100 – yearly: Member hoodie
  • $250- yearly: Member t-shirt & hoodie
  • $500 – yearly: Organic Crag Pack & Member t-shirt
  • $1000 – yearly: Organic Crag Pack, Member t-shirt & hoodie

Shirt Size

Sustaining Membership (all get a sticker; recurring monthly payments)

  • $5 – monthly ($60/yr): Member t-shirt
  • $10 – monthly ($120/yr): Member hoodie
  • $20 – monthly ($240/yr): Member t-shirt & hoodie
  • $50 – monthly ($600/yr):  Organic Crag Pack
  • $80 – monthly ($960/yr):  Organic Crag Pack & Member t-shirt
  • $100 – monthly ($1200/yr): Organic Crag Pack, Member t-shirt & hoodie

Sustaining Membership
Shirt Size

Donate through our website or make checks payable to Minnesota Climbers Association. Mail to:

Minnesota Climbers Association
575 9th St SE, Suite 62
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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Employer Match

Please check with your employer for matching donations when considering a gift to the Minnesota Climbers Association. Should you require it, the Minnesota Climbers Association Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 41-2011758

Joint Member | Access Fund and MCA

The Access Fund has joined forces with the Minnesota Climbers Association for the good of climbers and climbing access in Minnesota. By combining membership, you can join and receive benefits from the Access Fund while supporting the grass-roots efforts in Minnesota. Donate to the Access Fund here. Make sure the check the box on the bottom if you would like to add $15 for the MCA.